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Transition | Episode 7 | Independent Art Series

Welcome to the Independent Art series, Episode 7, Transition!

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I’m in frenzy right now, but in an excellent way. I’ve finished 16 pages of Cottonseeds issue 3. Yay!

At the same time, I’m working on art for a mock-up of The Ash Garden cover. I’m working with publisher but nothing is firm yet. As I mentions in this post, I hope to have the book published by the end of 2018, and so far, that goal seems realistic.

So, my plate is full. I honestly don’t have the time or the brain space to write every step in my creative process this week. I’m just working in a frenzy.

There’s something more special happening this evening. Canada Day fireworks!

 No, I will not get drunk on Canada Day, said no Canadian ever.
Yes, I will.

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Around Page 11 in issue 3, the story-line speeds up and jumps between scenes. I figured new and creative ways to transition between scenes.

So, Page 11. Jail scene > Transition > Spooky forest scene where trees are actually talking, and not in cute Disney sort of way. How to do that? Well, it did take a lot of thought. I decided to punch holes through a brick wall and rip it up, slasher style.

In other words, I violated the basic laws of physics. Art is versatile like that. I love it.

Cottonseeds Page 11 Transition
Defying the laws of physics.

And of course I went for the classic sound effect.

Cottonseeds Transition sound effect slash

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I wanted to upload my very first shaky cam low quality video of fireworks, but it turns out that even a low quality video file is huge, and probably won’t finish uploading until tomorrow.

So just pretend this pace has a shaky cam video of gorgeous bursting fireworks over city lights for a few minutes until my arm gave in, and I gave up.

Oooh, ahhh, pretty, so shaky…

Happy Canada Day!

Thanks for reading and join me next week for Episode 8.


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