The Ash Garden Sample

Sample from The Ash Garden. The first page. Copyright © Lily Blaze 2019. Read and enjoy.

Genre: Dark Low Fantasy

Content: Mature, strong language. Expect the unexpected.

Brief summary: A strung out Eden argues with her psychiatrist as the snake and the rhinoceros continue to torment her.

Fist Page Sample


she didn’t know how a garden grows
with rhinoceros tears and garter snakes
and needles all in a row

A blackened vine climbed up the window as the sun glared through closed blinds. The snake twisted on the floor and screamed. A rhinoceros sobbed in the corner as saltwater spurted around the psychiatrist’s office. Eden twitched with fatigue, then squinted at Dr. Cortex.

“Where were you,” he gestured with a pen, “just now?”

She rubbed her eyes, and said, “On the edge of infinity.”

The scratching of his pen rivalled the screaming snake.

“It’s become increasingly difficult to monitor your treatment,” he said to his notes.

She flinched as the snake shot a hiss.

“That’s your job,” she reminded him.

“It is,” came his slow agreement. He put down the pen. “We’ve talked about this before, but I feel the subject needs to be broached again. I’m deeply concerned about your drug use.”

Sarcasm soaked her words. “Don’t worry, Doctor. It’s only a hangover this time.”

His well-trained patience wore down for a moment. “Don’t you think the substance abuse is misguiding your brain functions?”

The sunlight winked as the dying vine climbed down.

Eden scoffed. “You think I fucked too much with my brain?”

His brows raised. “That’s precisely what I’m saying.”

She looked at the snake, the rhinoceros, then back to Dr. Cortex. “Go fuck yourself.”

Copyright © Lily 2019.

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Please that this sample is from an unpublished novella, and subject to change.

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