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Free Tool for Independent Creators | Episode 11 | Independent Art Series

The last episode in the Independet Art Series, where I talk about free tools for writing, ebboks, and web images. Details included.

Cottonseeds 3 Horror Art

Support | Episode 8 | Independent Art Series

Support Cottonseeds! In Episode 8 of the Independent Art Series, you can find out all the ways to support Cottonseeds, graphic novel.

Transition Featured Image

Transition | Episode 7 | Independent Art Series

Watch as I defy the basic laws of physics! Actully, I'm just showing a transition page in episode 7 of the independent art series.

Influences | Episode 5 | Independent Art Series

We interrupt the Independent Art Series to talk about influences from art and music during an unbearable heatwave. Several artists named.

Episode 4 Independent Art Mistake featured image

Mistake | Episode 4 | Independent Art Series

How I grow and improve as a visual artist. Admit your mistake and learn how to fix it the digital way. Episode 4, Independent Art Series.

indie art ep 3 texture featured

Texture | Episode 3 | Independent Art Series | Lily Blaze| Neon Vagabond

Indepenent Series, episode 3, all about how I choose and design texture in the art. A step by step illustrated example using Photoshop only.

cottonseeds 3 header spooky forest layout

Layout | Episode 2 | Independent Art Blog Series

Layouts are a confusing and there are too many possibilities. Learn how I choose the best layout for myindependent art project.

Independent art series Lily featured image

So You Want to be an Independent Artist? Episode 1

Do you have your coffee/tea/fav alcohol/whatever nearby? Good. You're ready for the 1st episode in the Independent Art series.