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Support | Episode 8 | Independent Art Series

Welcome to the Independent Art Series, Episode 8, Support!

I have 18 finished pages. Wow! That means only 4 pages left. But, I had to make a change to a few pages, so the issue might be more than 22 pages. I’ll let you know. My goal is to finish Cottonseeds Issue 3 in a week. Ready? Set. Go!

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Horror Art

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Perspective Support

I discovered a wonderful workaround in the past week. Instead of getting frustrated and fed up with the sclerosis blocking the ability to perceive depth, I changed the perspective of the character. Front view, side, view, back, etc.

Support Cottonseeds Sam front view
Cottonseeds 3, Sam, front view
Support Cottonseeds Sam back view
Cottonseeds 3, Sam, Back View
Support Cottonseeds Sam Back View Different Scene
Cottonseeds 3, Sam, back view, different scene

This is a huge relief for me and it’s allowed me to work a lot faster.

All of these screenshots will be high-resolution in the final issue. I’m only showing you previews so you can see my creative process.

Horror Art

I had a misadventure with horror art. I wanted to do a lot more, but there aren’t many opportunities in issue 3.

I loved the idea of using a tree with burls (or burr or knots) to represent eyes, like the image below. I was going to add icky fluid oozing out of the eyes.

Support Cottonseeds Tree Burls
Something like this. Sort of.

The idea of burl worked, but I could only do one view – front. So, that eliminated any movement or action.

I compromised and settled on more cartoony Halloween style art.

support cottonseeds horror art
Cottonseeds 3 Horror Art Side View
Cottonseeds 3 Horror Art Side View

The image is funny, if nothing else. In such a dark story, a little comedy relief doesn’t hurt.

Support Cottonseeds

Cottonseeds is a long and hard project, but I’m determined to finish it. Every bit helps, whether a sale or a word of encouragement.

Benefits Include:

1) Be the coolest kid on the block.
2) Encourage a disabled artist.
3) Wicked supernatural story and art.
4) My endless devotion and love.

Support me to support you.

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