Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Psst, you found the secret privacy policy! Well, the policy isn’t a secret. Everyone’s privacy is respected on this website. Lily is the only one who collects any data for emails and affiliate ads on this site, with your consent. Your personal information, such as name or location, is optional.

So, here’s the deal.

What does the Privacy Policy and Data Protection cover?


Any emails submitted to this website will only be used to help users to access everything this site offers.

Any ads you choose to click/tap on, is your choice, and once you’re on another website, any info you provide, is out of Lily’s hands.

The data provided to this site will be stored as long as you want to be stored.

You are free to delete your email or unsubscribe at anytime.

If you have any concerns, contact Lily.

Email Subscriptions Privacy

Sign up for blog article notifications with your email and you will get email newsletters sent from the site when a new blog article is posted. That’s it.

an unsubscribe link will be provided with each email newsletter.

Email Support Privacy

If you want to contact Lily, your email will remain private. Your email will never be made public and will only be used for private email conversations.

Downloads Privacy

To download one or more of Lily’s digital work, you will be auto-registered and your email will be used to send download link(s) to your inbox. Again, no spam.

Long story short, this site has always been spam-free, nothing has changed, and now the site is also compliant with GDPR.

If, for whatever reason, the FBI calls and demands user info, Lily will first ask, you do realize I’m in Canada, right? Then, the info in question will be handed over, but only if legally obligated to do so. If not legally obligated, Lily doesn’t care.

This policy is brought to you by Lily, independent author and artist, and sponsored by privacy.

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