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I’ve now entered the short story paying market!

After writing and experimenting with everything for 15 years, my work is paying off. I’ve sold my first horror short story, The Lonely Mr. Fish, to Polar Borealis magazine. The story will appear in the Spring 2019 issue.

This is only the beginning.

Allow me to pause this post for a moment.

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Paying Market – Dark Fiction

I’ve looked at paying markets for dark fiction short stories many times. The market hasn’t changed much since 2003. Dark fiction isn’t a genre within itself, but there’s still a limited number of paying markets that will accept darker stories. As a result, it’s a surprisingly competitive market.

I don’t mind competition, I enjoy it. Rejection sucks, but that’s par for the course. However, I knew from day one that my craft needed more polish before I can approach paying markets. I’m glad I didn’t get too far ahead of myself and submitted a million of low-quality stories, only to be met with justified rejection.

Instead, I slowly (albeit very slowly) worked on my craft until I felt ready to submit short stories.

The Lily Bio

I’ve used the About page as a placeholder of sorts. I just find it easier to express who I am as a person with art.

I’ve decided to flesh out the page with more details. I’m not the kind of writer who always adhere to specific genres, I’ve long since concluded. I enjoy exploring dark fiction in all genres. Except romance. No offence to romance writers, it’s just not my thing.

Check out my new About page.

True Crime Genre

The Lonely Mr. Fish is probably the only true crime horror I’ve written. I enjoy true crime, but writing the genre? I went far outside of my comfort zone to write this story. Worth it, for the sake of a finished story, but I doubt I’ll write true crime again. I’ll leave that up to true crime writers who know what they’re doing.

Regardless, if that’s what I can do with a true crime short story, imagine how far I can go with all sorts dark fiction. Sky’s the limit!

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