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Welcome to the Independent Art Series, Episode 9, Panel!

So, I didn’t meet my goal.


However, I do have 20 finished pages. 20 pages! I’m so close to the end of this issue that I can almost taste it. munches on graphic novel issue Mmm, it tastes almost finished.

Only two pages left. Yay.

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A Lesson on Text Flow

More Horror Art

A Lesson on Text Flow

Something interesting happened in the past week. All this time I’ve been carefully arranging and sizing each panel to fit the text flow. Then it hit me. Panel size is not relative to text flow. Shocking, I know.

I’ll use Page 16 of Cottonseeds Issue 3 as an example.

When I first set up the panel layout for this page, it looked odd. How the hell am I going to fit the text in this complicated nine panel layout?

Nine panel layout smple
NINE panels! Geez.

Nine panels are a lot, and they’re all awfully close together. However, the layout made sense to me, so I kept working on it until the page made sense.

Then, I saw it. I knew exactly the right text flow.

Behold, text flow superimposed on the layout.

Panel sample with text flow

And here’s the result.

Cottonseeds Page 16 Panel Final
Final Page

In conclusion, I’m cutting the amount of time spent on each page in half by saying, to hell with the panel layout. The text will flow no matter what.

The trick to text flow in a graphic novel is just don’t make it obvious. Less is more.[ps2id id=’ghost’ target=”/]

Ghost Destruction Panel

I made a ghost explode, and it was SO much fun. Since my ghosts in the Cottonseeds series look the same as when they died, that means a blood explosion.

By the way, the inspiration for the ghosts is American Werewolf in London. The movie is one of my all-time favs,

Here’s a sample of the ghost destruction:

Cottonseeds Horror Panel Sample
There will be blood.

Thanks for reading and join me next week for an episode about cover designs. I’m going to share covers and you can vote on your fav. Exciting!

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Note: Cottonseeds has been removed from the website and will be uploaded again when the whole story is complete.