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How to Start a New
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Yeah, I misled you here. Sorry.

In 2005, I started a Google blogger account because a friend told me that’s how you get started as a new author. Fast-forward eleven years, and I’m right back to where I started. My old blog is still out there, floating around cyberspace.

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I used my blog for a lot of randomness. My posts alternated between promotions, lessons, and rants. It became a chore. After a while, I stopped linking the blog to my website. I gave up on it.

I’m going to be brutally honest. I can’t stand blogs. Or rather, what blogs have become. Back when, it was simple. You have something to say, you wrote about it. Believe it or not, over ten years ago blogs were 100% about content. Book reviews, movie reviews, useful articles. Now it seems blogs have become a platform to launch egos. Some are insecure egos, some… aren’t.

I know, I know. It’s not everyone. It’s just a large majority giving the rest of us a bad name. And it sucks.

But you know what? I don’t care. I love writing as much as I love . Writing on a regular basis helps to keep my brain muscles in shape. I love connecting with like-minded people who also love writing and , whether they’re a reader, writer, or an artist. I care about my friends.

If you’re reading in hopes of discovering , you’re going to be disappointed. I won’t be posting any lessons or how-to manuals. If you’re reading to enjoy my funny/rambling/sarcastic/ranting posts as I hammer out stories and art, then I welcome you. If, by chance, what I do inspires you to do your own thing, whatever it happens to be, then I will be flattered and honoured to call you a friend.

So, long story, er, longer, this is me and this is my (non) blog. Comments welcomed, rants appreciated, and respect rules.

Oh, and by the way, I’m .

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Nice to meet you.

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