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Fangy - frustrated and angry

Facebook Business Manager and How the Hell to (not) Use It

Facebook screwed up. Google failed. I wasted two days trying to figure out how to disable all this new shit ...
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fireworks updates

February Updates, What I’m Doing, and The Evolution of Ideas

So far, so good. I'm getting through the resolution list. Spanking new website design that was easier than expected. If ...
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Timing is Ironic | New Year’s Resolution

So... the internet happened. I've had this website since 2009. I've never had any security problems and I've managed any ...
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Review| Cottonseeds: The Killer and the Eternal Child #2

"The best thing about reading a series that stretches over time, especially as they come out, is to see the ...
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Godless Review | End of cable vs streaming argument?

I didn't like Godless at first. In fact, I stopped watching half-way through episode two. I was bored and confused ...
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City Rat NV blog writing

How I Started Writing | From Artist to Author

I had a bad week. No, wait, let me start at the beginning. A very dark beginning... Writing Fuel – ...
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Muse | Motor Betty Pin Up by Lily

How Do You Describe the Muse? | Serious Question for Writers

When I read Stephen King's On Writing: Memoir of the Craft, I found the description of his muse hysterical. Ever ...
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The Tragically Hip | Courage | Tribute by Lily


The hits keep coming. Just when I think Iv'e passed a crisis, there's another hit. First the devastation of 2016 ...
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Cottonseeds Countdown page 16

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 16 | Clothing & Subtitles

Countdown Page 9 to 15 Layout? We don't need no stinking layout. Countdown Page 16 I don't enjoy creating clothing ...
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Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 8

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 8

Was the most uncooperative little bitch. Or at least it seemed that way. It's a simple enough layout, three panels ...
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Cottonseeds countdown 5

Cottonseeds #2 Countdown | Page 5

The preview from my tattoo post is on this page. This page has the second fight scene in the issue ...
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Cottonseeds countdown 4

Cottonseeds #2 Countdown | Comic or Graphic Novel? | Page 4

Comic or Graphic Novel? First things first. The big question. Is Cottonseeds a comic book or a graphic novel? Although ...
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tattoo featured image lily blog

The Inking Process: Tattoo, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Art

Jump to: First Tattoo Tattoos and MRIs Second Tattoo Third Tattoo Creative Process Commercial vs Independent New Plan and Sample ...
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flash fiction American and Canadian friendship flag

What If It Was You? | Flash Fiction

This is a fictional account of a “what if” scenario. What if a Canadian had an online relationship with an ...
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To the Bone review controversy

To the Bone (2017) – Review Controversy

I admit I decided to watch To the Bone, a Netflix Original, because of various online complaints about controversy and ...
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Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey (2009)

Oliver Parker's Dorian Grey is a slow burning thriller with sparks of horror that builds up into one quick firework ...
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GLOW – Review of Netflix Original

GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Everyone knows television wrestling is fake. But that isn't the point of this Netflix ...
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tv reaction NV blog

Streaming Eternally

And I'm back! I won't bore you with the fight I had trying to update everything and getting the comment ...
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Ghost in the Shell Original Anime

My Memory of Ghost in the Shell

Walking into my favourite bar, about 20 – 25 years ago. The smoke machine slithered through the metal cage that ...
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The struggles of an artist

Why I Can’t Work With an Artist Anymore

Well "can't" is a rather strong word. If I ever meet an artist that I can work with, I'll go ...
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Show me the money

Artists! Stop Charging per Hour (and I’ll tell you why)

You're doing so much harm to yourself as an independent artist by charging per hour. Artists get paid more if ...
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Top 20

20 Reasons to Become a Published Author of Fiction

Every blog has at least one top ten reasons or top 20 reasons or top whatever reasons list, so I ...
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Thought Bubble for the Ash Garden

The Ash Garden Memory One

“If you remember the 60's you weren't there.” - Robin Williams (A few others have been credited with the quote, ...
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Leonard Cohen Quote - There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

A Hell of a Year End for Heroes

It's not December yet, but it feels like the end of the year 2016. Closing a chapter in cultural history ...
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computer reaction meme, holding head

TWD, Supernatural, and the Seventh Season End

I have a theory I like to call the Seventh Season End. So far, I've seen the same phenomenon happen ...
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Diversity, Or Lack Thereof

I've been dealing with a lot lately. When I was almost finished my new blog launch, I got a call ...
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Canadian Flag Animated

On Being Canadian

Originally posted on August 22, 2016 I've been thinking a lot about being Canadian lately. The Tragically Hip are no ...
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Tree breaking sidewalk


Originally posted on November 14, 2014 A couple of blocks away from my apartment building there was a massive tree ...
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Not an actual atomic blast

How to Start a New Blog

Yeah, I misled you here. Sorry. In 2005, I started a Google blogger account because a friend told me that's ...
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