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How to Start a New Blog

How to start a blog for new writers and artists. How? I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine. Lily Blaze, on starting a new blog.

Halloween 2020 Lily Blaze Unsplash

Happy 2020 Halloween | A Spooky Online Celebration

Halloween 20202. All about flying your freak flag from the past twenty-five years. Party!

Neon question sign for Covid 19 writers

Covid 19 and being a Screenwriter in a Worldwide Pandemic

It's interesting to me that all screenwriters have the same concerns about Covid 19, whether they're disabled or not. What does this mean? What are the rules? How is this going to change film or television? Are we allowed to write screenplays? A Small Measure of Success During Covid 19 I've also had the same…

Monocrome art by Lily Blaze that shows a man imn a cell with a monster hand

Spring Cleaning the Lily Blaze Way | Art and Writing Updates

Art and writing uopdates. Spring cleaning the Lily Blaze way. Check out the latest published art and stories in Polar Borealis magazine and screenwriting news.

Lily Blaze feature image 2020

2020 New Year's Day | Get a Dentist!

Lily Blaze | Horror Fantasy Writer and Artist | Dark Artwork, Screenwriting, Fiction. Blog update for New Year's Day 2020.

Website Woes | Trial and Error

The website woes of maintaining a WordPress site and updating to Gutenberg. Read all the lessons learned. And Jetpack didn't help.

disabled writers

Disabled Writers and Discrimination

Discrimination and Disabled Writers, Are you also struggling with the morality of a disabled character? You're not alone.

Lily Blaze Connections

Making Connections – Lily Blaze

Making connections with art and wiriting, my way. All under the pen name Lily Blaze. Art > Fiction > Screenwriting. Updates and excitement.

America Will Bernardara Jr

America | Will Bernardara Jr. | Extreme Fiction Review

You want dark, extreme, smart, and funny fiction? I got a story for you. America by Will Bernardara Jr. Read the review. Have your mind blown.

Lily Author 2019 Rewards connections

Rewards | Lily Updates

Rewards and updates for Lily art and writing. Includes updates about screenwriting, the Aurora Award nomination, and new current photos.

NYV: Punk

NYV: Punk | Novel Review

NYV: Punk | Novel Review. Read the review of the first book in a vampire series. Why? Because we like our vampires dark. And violent.

The Ash Garden Sample

The Ash Garden sample. Dark Fantasy. Copyright © Lily Blaze 2019. Dark low fantasy, post modern. First page. Strong language, adult content.

Review Request for Dark and Extreme Fiction

Review Request | Dark Fiction

Send a review request for your dark and extreme fiction. Short stories, poetry, novels/novellas, zines, and YouTube channels.

Writing Method - Novel- Screenplay

Writing Method | Novel | Screenplay | The Lily Way

A writing method for novel and screenplays. Doing everything my way. updates on writing projects including The Ash Garden.

On This Day | Oak Anderson | Review by Lily

On This Day | Oak Anderson | Dark Fiction Review

On This Day (Homeland Brant Discher Series 1 > New thriller by Oak Anderson > Read the full review for an epic mrder mystery.

experimental Lily Neon Vagabond

What is an Experimental Writer?

Experimental Writer. say that ten times in a row. Does it make any sense? I'm not convinced. Publisher's definitions vs readers needs.

My Sister And I

My Sister And I | Book Review | Lily

My Sister And I by SeanPaul Thomas, review of a psychological thriller with extreme horror and SplatterPunk. Read more...

2019 alive lily

2019 Lily Author | Vagabond

How many projects can Lily work on in 2019? New novel WIP, the wild world of screenwriting, and getting paid for art.

How fast of a writer are you?

How Fast of a Writer Are You?

What kind of a writer are you? Slow or fast. Are you a crawling turtle or a speedy rabbit? What's your process for writing speed?

Halloween Featured Image Lily Neon Vagabond

Because Everyday is Halloween | My 2018 Costume

Are you experiencing Halloween blues? Revisit my 2018 costume pics and get back into a spooky mood. Soundtrack included and more!.

Nightmare Nocturne

Nightmare Nocturne | YouTube Channel Review

Nightmare Nocturne. a review of spooktastic YouTube channel. Two girls and creepy stories to tell in the dark. artists helping artists.

Horror Eggs The Haunting of Hill House

Horror Eggs | The Haunting of Hill House

Horror Eggs > Haunting of Hill House. A Netflix Original series review and egg hunt challenge. Can you spot them? Wait. There's more.

Underbelly Magazine transgressive fiction

Underbelly Magazine Review

Underbelly Magazine, a review of transgresive fiction for the 21st century. You name it, you'll find it with Underbelly. Zine Review.

Dark Fiction Reviews Neon Vagabond

Do You Need a Dark Fiction Review?

Got dark fiction? I want your dark fiction. Open call for indepent authors and zines. Get a review on the Neon Vagabond blog.

2018 Internet What Everyone Needs to Know Neon Vagabond Blog

2018 Internet Changes | A Non-Technical Guide

2018 Internet changes and what everyone needs to know. A npn-technical guide for independent creators and internet users.

Paying Market Dark Fiction Lily

Paying Market | Dark Fiction | The Lily Bio

Paying market and other dark fiction news from Lily Blaze including an updated info. First horror short story sold in Polar Borealis!

Writing a Serial Killer Silence of the Lambs

Writing a Serial Killer My Way | The Lonely Mr. Fish | Lily Author

Writing and finding a serial killer. The Lonely Mr. Fish, an exclusive horror short story by Lily Blaze, only found in Polar Borealis.

write story Lily Neon Vagabond blog

I’d Rather Write | Lily Blaze | Neon Vagabond Blog

All the reasons why I'd rather write than create art full-time. The pros and cons of trying to be both a writer and an artist.

Download Cottonseeds KEC Series cover Lily Dark

Cover Art | Cottonseeds Graphic Novel Series

I love designing covers. The creative challenge is gratifying. At the same time, trying to choose a concept for cover art is hard work.

Cottonseeds KEC #3 Cover Art

Thanks to everyone who voted! We all seem to be in agreement for the next Cottonseeds cover art. [...]

WordPress Jetpack logos

WordPress + Jetpack Review and Tips

Have you ever wanted a reviwed and tips for WordPress and Jetpack that written in launguage you can understand? Read on..

dark fiction review

Free Tool for Independent Creators | Episode 11 | Independent Art Series

The last episode in the Independet Art Series, where I talk about free tools for writing, ebboks, and web images. Details included.

Cottonseeds Page 16 Panel Featured

Panel | Episode 9 | Independent Art Series

Panel size and text flow getting you down? Read Episode 9 of the Independent Art Series for useful tips and designs. All about panel design.

Cottonseeds 3 Horror Art

Support | Episode 8 | Independent Art Series

Support Cottonseeds! In Episode 8 of the Independent Art Series, you can find out all the ways to support Cottonseeds, graphic novel.

Transition Featured Image

Transition | Episode 7 | Independent Art Series

Watch as I defy the basic laws of physics! Actully, I'm just showing a transition page in episode 7 of the independent art series.

Horror Art Neonvagabond blog featured

Horror Art | Episode 6 | Independent Art Series

What's your fav horror art? Paintings movies, TV shows, anything. Leave a comment or send a message. Episode 6 of the Independent Art Series.

Influences | Episode 5 | Independent Art Series

We interrupt the Independent Art Series to talk about influences from art and music during an unbearable heatwave. Several artists named.

Episode 4 Independent Art Mistake featured image

Mistake | Episode 4 | Independent Art Series

How I grow and improve as a visual artist. Admit your mistake and learn how to fix it the digital way. Episode 4, Independent Art Series.

indie art ep 3 texture featured

Texture | Episode 3 | Independent Art Series | Lily Blaze| Neon Vagabond

Indepenent Series, episode 3, all about how I choose and design texture in the art. A step by step illustrated example using Photoshop only.

cottonseeds 3 header spooky forest layout

Layout | Episode 2 | Independent Art Blog Series

Layouts are a confusing and there are too many possibilities. Learn how I choose the best layout for myindependent art project.

Independent art series Lily featured image

So You Want to be an Independent Artist? Episode 1

Do you have your coffee/tea/fav alcohol/whatever nearby? Good. You're ready for the 1st episode in the Independent Art series.

Fangy - frustrated and angry Facebook

Facebook Business Manager and How the Hell to (not) Use It

Facebook screwed up. Google failed. I wasted two days trying to figure out how to disable all this new shit after switching my Page to Business Manager. And,of course, Facebook never provides instructions. [...]

fireworks updates

February Updates, What I’m Doing, and The Evolution of Ideas

Yes, time for updates! Resolutions, website, Cottonseeds, and The Ash Garden. Site secuarity established. Are you willing to trust me?

lily logo circle resolution

Timing is Ironic | New Year’s Resolution

Resolution. So... the internet happened. Resolutions and finishing your shit. A clean description that's censored by your local Facebook bot.


Godless Review | End of cable vs streaming argument?

My honest review of Godless, a Netflix Limited Series Western. Is this the end of cable vs streaming argument? Read to find out.

City Rat NV blog writing

How I Started Writing | From Artist to Author

I had a bad week. No, wait, let me start at the beginning. A very dark beginning. It was 2002. I was working two jobs, and started writing...

How Do You Describe the Muse? | Serious Question for Writers

Ever since I read Stephen King's On Writing: Memoir of a craft, I've been trying to figure out how to describe my muse.

The Tragically Hip | Courage | Tribute by Lily { Icons


One artist dealing the lost of icons and realizing that we haven't lost. We have gained more. Tribute that includes Tom Petty & Gord Downie.

Cottonseeds Countdown page 16

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 16 | Clothing & Subtitles

Next episode in the Cottonseeds Countdown, Page 16! Useful tricks and necessary evils I've found while creating the issue.

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 8

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 8

All about how I overcame depth perception in order to finalize an art page full of sudden changes in the depth perception despite disability.

Cottonseeds countdown 5

Cottonseeds #2 Countdown | Page 5

The Cottonseeds Countdown continues with my big adventure with a detailed fight scene. Lights, camera.... action? I got it.

Cottonseeds countdown 4 graphic novel

Cottonseeds #2 Countdown | Comic or Graphic Novel? | Page 4

Graphic novel. Read a series of funny commentaries about the comic or graphic novel creative process. Idea, art, and more.

tattoo featured image lily blog

The Inking Process: Tattoo, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Art

Lessons learned along the journey for tattoo, graphic novel, and comic art. Includes a description of the creative process and what not to do

flash fiction American and Canadian friendship flag

What If It Was You? | Flash Fiction

Flash fiction by Lily Blaze about an American and a Canadian based on world events as of 2017. Free to read, copy, and share.

To the Bone review controversy

To the Bone (2017) – Review Controversy

A full review of the Netflix Original movie, To the Bone, starring Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves. Too much controversy? Your call.

Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey (2009)

Lily's review of the Dorian Grey 2009 movie starring Ben Barnes and Colin firth. Five stars. Full history of Dorian Grey included.


GLOW – Review of Netflix Original

Review of GLOW, Netflix original series. 5 stars for originality and authentic content. Recommended. Second two now online.

tv reaction NV blog

Streaming Eternally

Streaming Eternally is a commentary on the evolution of television from the past thirty years and online streaming today.

Ghost in the Shell Original Anime

My Memory of Ghost in the Shell

My memory and thoughts about Ghost in the Shell, both the original anime and the live action version. It was the best of time, and the worst of times.

Artists stop charging per hour (and I'll tell you why)

Artists! Stop Charging per Hour (and I’ll tell you why)

Artists! Stop charging per hour (and I'll tell you why). Stories from an experienced graphic designer showing how charging per project makes you more money.

Thought Bubble for the Ash Garden

The Ash Garden Memory One

A post about The Ash Garden memory one, and a funny thing that happened many moons ago with a drug dealer. We laughed and laughed...

Leonard Cohen Quote - There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

A Hell of a Year End for Heroes

2016 - Hell of Year End for Heroes. A blog post deicated to rembering Lemmy, David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and myself.

computer reaction meme, holding head TWD

TWD, Supernatural, and the Seventh Season End

TWD aka The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and a theory I call the Seventh Season End. See enough shows and you you start to see the pattern...

Unimpressed with Lack of Diversity

Diversity, Or Lack Thereof

A review and rant about a Netflix movie that I couldn't bring myself to watch, because of absolute ignorance. The lack of diversity in media.

Canadian Flag Animated

On Being Canadian

The struggles of internet culture clash, and the hardship of being a Canadian writer and artist online. It's a daily struggle.

trees breaking sidewalk


A perspective article about about trees and how they manage to survive. A new road to fix an old problem in the modern world.