Influences | Episode 5 | Independent Art Series

Welcome to the independent art series, Episode 5, Influences!

It’s been a hell of a week for me. The brutal summer temperatures, high humidity, and MS heat intolerance turned me into this:

Animated GIF of wilting roses.
I’m melting…

I’m also at the point in my project, Cottonseeds, where I need to just concentrate and finish the pages until issue 3 is done. Writing and describing each step ruins my concentration, especially in this heat. So, for this episode, instead of describing the step by step creative process, I decided to talk about influences.

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Visual Art

I’m a simple gal, despite my love of vast forceful metaphors. There are many things I like, but I only need a few influences to get me going with my art.

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The First Visual Artist

At some point during my tweens, I attended an art gallery exhibit that showcased early Victorian Gothic art. That is where I discovered Aubrey Beardsley.

Book cover for The Spirit of Aubrey Beardsley
The Spirit of Aubrey Beardsley

The above image is the cover of one of my most cherished books in my personal library.

I’m still fascinated with his talent for intricate ink designs. They say he suffered from high fevers due to tuberculosis and that was his inspiration. I believe it, because I know from experience that strife in general is a huge source of inspiration. You go with what you got.

However, I like to think if he had more time, his talent would still shine. The only difference, in my opinion, is that he just had to work a lot faster because he had limited time.

In one of my art pieces, I can see the Aubrey Beardsley influence. In fact, I continue to see the art influence in everything I do.

Line Artwork | Abstract Ink | © Lily Blaze 1994
Abstract Ink

Music Influences

Many times as I’m working on the script or the art for Cottonseeds, I’m surprised by a sudden song memory that reminds me of certain aspect of the story. Many artists, and a multitude of various songs. So I can’t say a specific artist or song is the only influence. They’re all influences. I’m a part of all that I have met.

The song C’mon Billy by PJ Harvey reminds me of Misty, one of my main characters in Cottonseeds.

So if you listen to this song, the below image will take on a new context.

Cottonseeds Featured image Misty influence

I’m positive I’m not the only one influenced by David Bowie. Regardless, one of his older songs reminds me of Sam, the other main character.

Many Cottonseeds characters face hard choices, which always reminds me of Tracy Chapman’s Crossroads

And of course, that leads me to the original Crossroads.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one and only Tom Waits.

Basically, everything he’s done reminds me of Cottonseeds.

I hope I’ve given you some new-old art to explore. Please join me the next episode, when my brain will be more functional and I’ll have new art to show you. Thanks for tuning in!

Note: Cottonseeds has been removed from the website and will be uploaded again when the whole story is complete.