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Horror Art | Episode 6 | Independent Art Series

Welcome to the Independent Art series, Episode 6, horror art!

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Horror Art

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Horror Art

I love horror art. Back in the 80’s, most of the horror art I found was in VHS movie posters and video covers. Looking back, it was low-quality and cheesy AF. From homicidal teenagers to lethal aliens. But at the time, it was mind-blowing, and I loved it all.

There were a lot of good horror art before and after the 80s, but if I posted all of them, this post would be obscenely long. So, I’m just going to post a handful of personal favs, from back when.

Evil Dead (1981) horror movie
Evil Dead (1981)
Halloween II (1981) horror movie poster
Halloween II (1981)
Frankenstein's Island (1981) horror movie poster
Frankenstein’s Island (1981)
Martin (1977) horror movie poster
Martin (1977)
Near Dark (1987) horror movie poster
Near Dark (1987)

If you haven’t seen any of these movies, I highly recommend checking them out.

As I worked on page 10 for Cottonseeds Issue 3, I had an epiphany. But first, you need to know my state of mind before the epiphany.

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Jail Design

I had THE hardest time designing jail bars. The bars had to be over the character, but under the hands. Over, under, rinse and repeat. It’s difficult for me to perceive depth, so I restarted the bars design several different ways until something finally made sense.

Cottonseeds 3 Jail horror scene
Nice try, but it doesn’t work.

Above you can see one of my many attempts. It was sloppy, amateur, and more importantly, didn’t allow enough space to fit in the text. It just didn’t work.

On top of that, one song kept replaying in the back of my mind.

Dad I’m in Jail by Was (Was Not) (1987)

Related? Sort of. Distracting? Most definitely.

I tried to find a video with captions or subtitles, but none exists, so here’s a link to the lyrics.

Hello Dad I’m in Jail Lyrics

The song was one of those one hit wonders with an interesting video that was unique in 1987. It’s too bad the rest of the album is completely different music. They had that one song.

So my mood was basically a combination of frustration while that song replayed over and over. But it’s okay, it’s done now.

Cottonseeds 3 jail horror scene final
Look at all that space! Cottonseeds Page 9

I lost count how many times I had to redesign this jail scene, but the above is the final result.

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One of the characters in issue 3 is a ghost with a bullet wound in the back of her head. I planned that detail a while ago. As I designed the wound, I realized two important things.

One, it’s SO much fun to design horror art.

Cottonseeds page 10 horror ghost
Page 10. Creepy, no?

Two, I haven’t done enough horror art.

I guess I just kept concentrating on fitting all the art and text, that I forgot horror details.

Cottonseeds is a supernatural thriller, but I don’t see why I should limit my art to a genre. I’m an independent visual artist. I’m not limited by conventions.

More than that, I want to do more horror art. A lot  more. So that’s what I’m going to do.


And now for the amazing news. Cottonseeds issue 3 is more than half-way done! I’m currently on page 14. All I have to do now is go through about 30 years worth of horror art inspiration. If anyone has recommendations, by all means, let me know.

Thanks for reading and tune in next week for Episode 7!

Note: Cottonseeds has been removed from the website and will be upload again when the whole story is complete.