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February Updates, What I’m Doing, and The Evolution of Ideas

So far, so good. I’m getting through the resolution list.

Spanking new website design that was easier than expected. If you haven’t checked it out, then check it out.

I’ve decided to open my site to comments. I had comments turned off for a while because hackers had become much more aggressive. Now that I have better security, I’m giving comments a go. If you’re a hacker, then know this.

I will find you and I will kill you.

The Ash Garden (the story I will link on my website when it’s ready) is with a publisher and we’re having discussions. I have no real deadline. I’ll be happy if it’s published by the end of the year. In the meantime, I’ll keep everyone updated. It might happen sooner than later.

Now that The Ash Garden isn’t occupying my mind, I’m concentrating on Cottonseeds issue 3. Or, at least, I’m trying to concentrate. I do know how the issue needs to be done, but I keep getting distracted by another story idea.

Ideas are cheap. I could pop out ideas like popcorn. That and 25 cents won’t buy me a cup of coffee, especially considering the prices at Starbucks these days. Having a story idea is the easy part. Crafting the idea is the hard part. Sometimes my ideas die on the operating table before I have a chance. Sometimes I get lucky and the idea takes a life of its own.

I should amend that. Luck has nothing to do with the craft. It’s 100% work, but it’s work that I love.

I haven’t been inspired much to write a major story since I started designing Cottonseeds, other than a few short stories. Working on both the script and artwork takes a lot of brain work, and it’s draining. Part of why I decided to commit to a new resolution is because I’ve been alternating between different creative projects so that Cottonseeds doesn’t burn me out, and keep the creative juices flowing. But then I realized last month that made me feel and look like I was just flitting around and never finishing anything I start. It’s never good to be burned-out, but it’s even worse to look like a non-committal flake.

I’m an artist, but not a flake. There is a difference. Really.

I would love nothing more than show everyone the step-by-step process I go through when I develop ideas, but the truth is, I can’t put it words. I thought about creating an online forum so I could post updates, but I can’t guarantee a posting schedule. I just don’t work that way. All I can do is show the final result, and I have no idea when that will happen. It could take months, or years, or die on the operating table.

But here’s the thing. This recent story idea is the strongest idea I’ve had in long time. I have a solid feeling about this idea. It could be a while before I finish the first draft, but somehow I know it’ll happen… eventually.

So, about the idea. As I proofed The Ash Garden a final time before submitting to a publisher (and thanks to my beta readers for their second opinions, much appreciated), I listened to lot of Bauhaus and David Bowie. Editing is boring work and listening to music helps a lot to keep going. My mind wandered for a second while I was immersed in The Ash Garden and the music. That’s when the idea came to me, somewhere between this:

And this:

And I still can’t put it in words. I’m going to let the idea ferment as I go back to working on Cottonseeds issue 3.

I guess the point of this post is a question for you. Are you willing to trust me?

Let me know in the comments.