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Facebook Business Manager and How the Hell to (not) Use It

Facebook screwed up. Google failed. I wasted two days trying to figure out how to disable all this new shit after switching my Page to Business Manager. And,of course, Facebook never provides instructions. So I’ve decided to provide step by step instructions for how to use Business Manager, or not use it.

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Is Facebook Business Manager for You?

Business Manager Pros and Cons

Where Did Your Page Go?

How to Share a Post on Your New Business Managed Page

How to Deactivate


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Is Facebook Business Manager for You?

If you have a personal Facebook Page, for sharing info or updates, or Page for talking bout your fav tv show, movie, book, whatever, then business Manager is useless and not recommended.

If you’re running business with lot of products for sale, Business Manager can be useful.

If you’re n independent creator such as your truly, busines manger has pros and cons, so it’s up to you.

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Business Manger Pros and Cons


  1. Switching to Business manger means your personal profile will become an ad account that’s not connected to your Page.
  2. You have to go through all settings and figure out what needs to be turned on or off.
  3. It’s confusing and frustrating
  4. Violates the privacy you may have for your personal profile


  1. Offers deeper audience insights that you wont find in stats or Google Console.
  2. If you want to do a lot of ads on Facebook, Business Manager is great.
  3. Um, I can’t think of anything else.

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Where Did Your Page Go?

Take a deep breath. Your Page did not vanish into another dimension. Left column on the Facebook homepage, scroll down to Page (under Page Feeds). Select, and you’ll see any Pages you own. Everything’s fine.

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How to Share a Post on Your New Business Managed Page

This took the longest to figure out. It made me fangy.

Fangy - frustrated and angry

Go to

You’re already logged into you Facebook account, right? Good. At the top where it shows your current selected account, click on the down arrow to the right > select the account that shows your Page. Then, click on Business Settings that will be on the top right as a big blue button.

On the settings page, hover on your Page name. See the teeny blue people icons on the right? Hover around like an idiot until one of the cutesy icons pops up with the text, Editor. Select Editor.

Because, in the fictional world of Facebook, apparently Admins (ie Page owners) are not allowed to do anything to a Page, not even sharing posts. Apparently.

Now that’s set up, go to Facebook homepage, find a post you want to share, down arrow, select whether you want to post as yourself or as your Page. Or, if you took the time to turn everything off on your newly created ad account that’s actually your personal profile and not connected to your Page, the option will go back to Share to a Page, and you now have permission to do that.

Yes, that’s right, with Business Manager activated, you have to give yourself permission. I’m not kidding.

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How to Deactivate

If you want to remove Business Manager from any or all accounts, go to Business Manager Settings, select the account, check all the No, I’m not buying, etc, and the Deactivate link will show up. Click Deactivate.

The account is now under review to make sure you don’t have any active ads running on Facebook. The review can take days or weeks. It’s not instant. Or, turn everything off, and leave it, which is instant.

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So far, after fighting with the settings, almost everything is the same as it was before. Business Manager hasn’t improved or changed my life. But, in all fairness, I’m an independent creator, not a business, so it’s a grey area. Sure, I have every legal right to sell my creations but, technically, I’m not running a business.

Business Manager just isn’t for everyone who owns a Facebook Page.