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Do You Need a Dark Fiction Review?

Open call for independent authors, online zines, and YouTube channels to submit for a dark fiction review.

dark fiction review
Ready when you are.

As a writer of dark fiction, I understand the struggles of getting a review. So I’m opening my blog for reviews of dark fiction from independent authors, to shed some light on the darkest corners.

Dark Fiction Formats I’ll Consider for Review

  • Novel/Novella
  • Short Story Collection
  • Poetry Collection
  • Online Zines

What Kind of Dark Fiction I’m Looking For

Dark, twisted, different. Characters die? Fine by me. Graphic and gory? Doesn’t bother me as long as it’s within context. Taboo subject? No problem. Adult themes? Preferred. I’m not interested in YA or younger. I might consider some NA, but that’s the youngest I’ll go.

Here’s a full list:

  • Dark, the darker the better
  • Experiential, lack of formulas
  • Adult fiction
  • Contemporary preferred, especially for dark poetry.
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Creepy/Spooky
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Supernatural
  • SplatterPunk
  • Dark Comedy
  • Strong Language
  • Graphic
  • Monsters
  • True Crime
  • Psychological
  • Quality crafted writing, if possible

If what you have matches three or more items in the above list, chances are high I’m going to be interested. Hopefully you can see I’m fairly open. I’m not easily shocked and very little bothers me.

Other than what’s in the list above, surprise me.

What I Don’t Want

  • Romance
  • Light and fluffy
  • WIP

Completed works only, please, and only one title per request.

If you try to disguise light and fluffy as dark fiction because one of the characters happens to wear black leather pants, that’s an immediate rejection. I’ve been reading dark fiction for a long time. Don’t try to fool me. πŸ˜‰

What You Get From Me

  1. Email within 24 hours letting you know if I’m interested.
  2. Full text review posted on my blog, GoodReads, Twitter, and my Facebook page.
  3. My blog uses images that’s 1400 pixels wide. If you’re unable to send an image of that size, I’ll create one for you, as a featured blog image.
  4. Updates every step of the way.

Review Schedule

I’m one person, I only have one brain. I can’t offer instant reviews for everyone. Check below for my posting schedule. I try to keep up a new post once a week, usually Sundays.

Fiction Review Schedule

For reviews of each title, up to three months. If you have a series, I’ll only review the first book in the series. Small warning: I have a strong dislike for books that end with β€œto be continued.”

Zine/YouTube Channel/Anything Else Review Schedule

Anywhere from one week to one month. Again, I’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Review Request Forms

Please fill and send one of the forms.

Fiction Review Request

Zine/YouTube Channel/Anything Else Review Request

Thanks for your submission! If you don’t get an email in 24 hours, I’ve been abducted by aliens. Kidding. Contact me here, Twitter, or Facebook.

Need to see examples my review writing styles? Read my reviews on GoodReads to give you a better idea.


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