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Dark Fiction

So you want to know more about Lily Blaze’s dark fiction? Of course you do. Browse everything Lily has to offer.

The Vault | Collected Dark Fiction

Deep in the vault is a collection of dark fiction. Free download. Get a taste of Lily Blaze’s styles.


  • Four short stories
  • Three dark poems.

As of September 2019, The Vault has been updated to version 2.

Download Dark Fiction by Lily Blaze
Version: 2
Published: September 27, 2019

Dark Fiction | Screenwriting

Lily Blaze writes spec scripts. Horror, dark fantasy, and more. Check back to this page for the latest scripts.

Spec Script Title: Demodex

Genre: Horror Comedy

Format: Short Film

Logline: An isolated woman desperate for companionship finds a technological cure for her skin condition that creates flesh-eating monsters.

Spec Script Title: Late

Genre: Horror Fantasy

Format: Short Film

Logline: Nature confounds a wanderer as he lures his victim.

See all of Lily Blaze’s scripts on Script Revolution.

Horror Short Story

The Lonely Mr. Fish is published in Polar Borealis, Issue 7.

Genre: Horror True Crime

Synopsis: A teenage boy confronts anew tenant living upstairs, the lonely Mr. Fish.

Read the issue here. PDF, opens in new tab.

The Ash Garden

Brief synopsis: A surreal Canadian metropolis becomes a waking nightmare for an underground artist.

Genre: Dark low fantasy novella.

Status: Finished, publishing details TBA.

Read a sample here.

What does a Horror Fantasy Writer Do?

For Lily, it’s everything. Sometimes she writes dark fantasy. Other times she writes horror. Sometimes both. Lily enjoys a variety of elements and genre blending.

Neon Vagabond Blog

Don’t forget, Lily also writes articles on the Neon Vagabond Blog. Thoughts, commentaries, and reviews from a creative modern mind.

Blog Categories

Art: Articles about Lily Blaze’s artwork.

Commentary: Thoughts and commentaries. Social injustice. Current media. Website maintenance adventures. Tributes to fallen heroes. Struggles with disability.

Reviews: Media reviews. Netflix shows and movies. Online zines. Dark fiction authors. YouTube dark channels.

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Writing: Articles about Lily’s past and current writing projects. Also includes articles about Lily’s writing adventures and misadventures.