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Lily Blaze loves dark artwork. A visual artist since a young age, she has experimented with many different media. The art styles she enjoys the most are dark fantasy, horror, and old school sci fi.

Fascinated with early graphic designers such as Aubrey Beardsley, she decided to become a graphic designer in 1997.

Lily pursues all forms of dark artwork, from paper to computer. The genres she enjoys are: dark fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

When she was diagnosed with MS in 2004, she decided to redirect her energy and pursue writing. But she never gave up on her art. Now, she does both.

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Can*Con / Aurora Awards 2019


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AuroraWinner+Nominee 2019 Lily Blaze Dark Art
2019 Nominee for Best Artist

See the cover art with Dragon Lab, Polar Borealis, issue 8.

Artwork Inquiry

Interested in Lily Blaze’s work? She has much more art in her private collection. Many of the art can be provided as high quality digital files at multiple sizes. She also has a small collection of low-res pin up art, if you’re interested.

Dark Artwork Rates

Minimum cost is $40 CAD or $30 USD, depending on size. Bigger art may cost up to $2000. Payment plans are an option.

Terms and Agreement

Lily Blaze must be credited as the artist for all purchased artwork. By purchasing, you agree to have your contact information included in Lily Blaze’s credentials.

Digital Formats

Lily Blaze provides digital files only sent to your email as either a JPEG or PNG. All files will be high quality and a large size. If you require a different format, size, or quality, please specify in the form below.

Dark Artwork Inquiry Form

Thank you for your inquiry and expect a response within 24 hours.