Creative Therapy | A Story in The Ash Garden

for this post, I want to talk about creative therapy.

What’s Creative Therapy?

I’ve always maintained that everyone needs a creative outlet. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most un-creative person on the planet. A creative outlet, even if it’s nothing more than a colouring book (hey, don’t judge, those things are fun) can give a person peace of mind.

For me, my art and writing is the best kind of therapy. Why? Because it’s free!

Based on Actual Events

Many things that happen in The Ash Garden happened to me. All I did was put a creative spin on the events and kept them within context of the story.

There’s a mugging that happens in the story. I was mugged once, over 20 years ago. They say fight or flight is a common reaction. I say, freeze is more common, because that’s what happened. I froze, completely. The police assured me over and over that I did the right thing by doing nothing.

I don’t disagree. After all, I was unharmed, just minus a purse, bank card, and ID. But the fact that I did nothing still nags at me after all this time, because the guy was obviously much younger, a teenager. Writing about the mugging experience is good creative therapy. Now, the experience doesn’t haunt me anymore, it just nags me every once in a while.

The mugging is just one example out of many.

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