Review | Cottonseeds: The Killer and the Eternal Child #2

Cottonseeds Review | The Killer and the Eternal Child #2

“The best thing about reading a series that stretches over time, especially as they come out, is to see the growth of the artist and writer’s work. This is especially true in Lily’s Cottonseeds. I’ve been invested in the series since it was first being set up (if my memory serves me right). Having seen the beginning, I can say that there has definitely been a growth and rise in the series. What started as a clear idea, feel, as finally hit that stride of atmosphere, presence, and attitude. 

The art is top notch, drawing up some wicked imagery of a bad acid trip, as well as being frightfully clear in it’s execution. Things are ramping up in action, and plot, and mystery, pushing exposition while not giving any clear answers. You can tell Lily, has a grip on what’s to come, and where she’s headed next. 

The language is awesome. There’s a redneck, southern vibe mixed in with some sort of city noir feel to it. I rather love it. It’s poetic in that spoken word vibe, slipping off the tongue. Safe to say, I’m still very much excited where this is headed after all this time.”

– Michael Benavidez

Thanks, Michael, for your Cottonseeds Review! You can download Cottonseeds KEC here. I hope you enjoy the issue as much as Michael did.