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Cottonseeds KEC is finished! Everything is wrapped up and I’m satisfied with the result. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to commit to writing. Now, I’m working on The Ash Garden advanced sales with bonus content, then go back to my Cottonseeds manuscript. I’ll pick up where issue #3 left off.

Read more about why I decided on a full commitment to writing. As I finished Cottonseeds KEC, the thought that I’ll never have to do thi again, filled me with relief. I love art, I love graphic novels, but I love writing more.

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For a limited time, Cottonseeds KEC are free. Yes, you read that right. Free!

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Cottonseeds KEC #1 Download

Description: Let me tell you a story about a convict, a monster, an innocent witch, and a man named Sam.

Cottonseeds KEC 1 - Lily Dark - Free

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Cottonseed KEC #2 Download

Sam and Misty confront the man who framed her father for murder, but find zombie vultures in the way. Bullets don’t work. Secrets burn. The hardest choice. Find the real killer or let a monster go free?

Cover for Cottonseeds KEC Cottonseeds Review

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Cottonseeds KEC #3 Download

Trouble brews when Misty and Sam are separated. Supernatural forces stand in their way at every turn. Their lives now depend on finding a killer and an eternal child.

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Read more about issue 3 in the Independent Art Series.

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Cottonseeds KEC Series Bundle Download

Follow Sam and Misty as they fight supernatural forces and the fallacy of human laws.

Cottonseeds KEC Series cover Lily Dark





Stay tuned for Cottonseeds the novel.

Happy downloading!

Edit: Revamped the Cottonseeds page and added the issue 3 video.