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Comic or Graphic Novel?

First things first. The big question. Is Cottonseeds a comic book or a graphic novel?

Although the average reader makes a massive distinction between comic book and graphic novel, the overall layout and assembly is identical. The final look might be different, but it’s put together in the same way.

It doesn’t matter to me if people call Cottonseeds a comic or a graphic novel. It’s all the same. Though, truth be told, I think of the series as a graphic novel because I illustrate and design every pixel on each page.

I’ve had many adventures, both good and bad, as I worked on Cottonseeds issue #2. Layout has been my biggest hurdle. There’s many times I had to really push myself, stretch my imagination, just to finish the layout for a page. I have to think about it before a long time before I can attempt a layout.

Some pages have flowed without a problem. Other pages, well, funny things happened along the way…

Countdown – Cottonseeds 2 graphic novel Page 4

I struggled with the layout for this page for hours… days. The perspective was awkward, plus there was a lot of dialogue to fit in. Trying to fit everything in was hell. I attempted two different layouts. The first involved one big panel with lots of connected speech balloons. It almost worked, but it still looked awkward, and I didn’t like it.

Then I had one of these.

Light bulb animtion for comic or graphic novel

Layout attempt number two. Instead of trying to squeeze everything into one big, why don’t I do multiple, smaller panels and change the panel shapes to show the flow of the dialogue?

And that worked.

I love designing text as an art form. I’m discovering new and interesting ways all the time to display text as an art form while still keeping it readable. I find it endlessly fascinating.

I know. I’m a nerd.

Fly all your freak flags

NOTE: Cottonseeds has been removed from the website. When a finished version of the whole story is ready, it will be uploaded to the site again.