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Covid 19 and being a Screenwriter in a Worldwide Pandemic

It's interesting to me that all screenwriters have the same concerns about Covid 19, whether they're disabled or not. What does this mean? What are the rules? How is this going to change film or television? Are we allowed to write screenplays? A Small Measure of Success During Covid 19 I've also had the same…

Monocrome art by Lily Blaze that shows a man imn a cell with a monster hand

Spring Cleaning the Lily Blaze Way | Art and Writing Updates

Art and writing uopdates. Spring cleaning the Lily Blaze way. Check out the latest published art and stories in Polar Borealis magazine and screenwriting news.

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2020 New Year's Day | Get a Dentist!

Lily Blaze | Horror Fantasy Writer and Artist | Dark Artwork, Screenwriting, Fiction. Blog update for New Year's Day 2020.

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Disabled Writers and Discrimination

Discrimination and Disabled Writers, Are you also struggling with the morality of a disabled character? You're not alone.

Lily Blaze Connections

Making Connections – Lily Blaze

Making connections with art and wiriting, my way. All under the pen name Lily Blaze. Art > Fiction > Screenwriting. Updates and excitement.

Lily Author 2019 Rewards connections

Rewards | Lily Updates

Rewards and updates for Lily art and writing. Includes updates about screenwriting, the Aurora Award nomination, and new current photos.

The Ash Garden Sample

The Ash Garden sample. Dark Fantasy. Copyright © Lily Blaze 2019. Dark low fantasy, post modern. First page. Strong language, adult content.

Writing Method - Novel- Screenplay

Writing Method | Novel | Screenplay | The Lily Way

A writing method for novel and screenplays. Doing everything my way. updates on writing projects including The Ash Garden.

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What is an Experimental Writer?

Experimental Writer. say that ten times in a row. Does it make any sense? I'm not convinced. Publisher's definitions vs readers needs.

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2019 Lily Author | Vagabond

How many projects can Lily work on in 2019? New novel WIP, the wild world of screenwriting, and getting paid for art.

How fast of a writer are you?

How Fast of a Writer Are You?

What kind of a writer are you? Slow or fast. Are you a crawling turtle or a speedy rabbit? What's your process for writing speed?

Paying Market Dark Fiction Lily

Paying Market | Dark Fiction | The Lily Bio

Paying market and other dark fiction news from Lily Blaze including an updated info. First horror short story sold in Polar Borealis!

Writing a Serial Killer Silence of the Lambs

Writing a Serial Killer My Way | The Lonely Mr. Fish | Lily Author

Writing and finding a serial killer. The Lonely Mr. Fish, an exclusive horror short story by Lily Blaze, only found in Polar Borealis.

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I’d Rather Write | Lily Blaze | Neon Vagabond Blog

All the reasons why I'd rather write than create art full-time. The pros and cons of trying to be both a writer and an artist.

Influences | Episode 5 | Independent Art Series

We interrupt the Independent Art Series to talk about influences from art and music during an unbearable heatwave. Several artists named.

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How I Started Writing | From Artist to Author

I had a bad week. No, wait, let me start at the beginning. A very dark beginning. It was 2002. I was working two jobs, and started writing...

How Do You Describe the Muse? | Serious Question for Writers

Ever since I read Stephen King's On Writing: Memoir of a craft, I've been trying to figure out how to describe my muse.

flash fiction American and Canadian friendship flag

What If It Was You? | Flash Fiction

Flash fiction by Lily Blaze about an American and a Canadian based on world events as of 2017. Free to read, copy, and share.