Monocrome art by Lily Blaze that shows a man imn a cell with a monster hand

Spring Cleaning the Lily Blaze Way | Art and Writing Updates

Art and writing uopdates. Spring cleaning the Lily Blaze way. Check out the latest published art and stories in Polar Borealis magazine and screenwriting news.

Lily Blaze Connections

Making Connections – Lily Blaze

Making connections with art and wiriting, my way. All under the pen name Lily Blaze. Art > Fiction > Screenwriting. Updates and excitement.

Lily Author 2019 Rewards connections

Rewards | Lily Updates

Rewards and updates for Lily art and writing. Includes updates about screenwriting, the Aurora Award nomination, and new current photos.

2019 alive lily

2019 Lily Author | Vagabond

How many projects can Lily work on in 2019? New novel WIP, the wild world of screenwriting, and getting paid for art.

Download Cottonseeds KEC Series cover Lily Dark

Cover Art | Cottonseeds Graphic Novel Series

I love designing covers. The creative challenge is gratifying. At the same time, trying to choose a concept for cover art is hard work.

Cottonseeds KEC #3 Cover Art

Thanks to everyone who voted! We all seem to be in agreement for the next Cottonseeds cover art. [...]

Cottonseeds Page 16 Panel Featured

Panel | Episode 9 | Independent Art Series

Panel size and text flow getting you down? Read Episode 9 of the Independent Art Series for useful tips and designs. All about panel design.

Cottonseeds 3 Horror Art

Support | Episode 8 | Independent Art Series

Support Cottonseeds! In Episode 8 of the Independent Art Series, you can find out all the ways to support Cottonseeds, graphic novel.

Transition Featured Image

Transition | Episode 7 | Independent Art Series

Watch as I defy the basic laws of physics! Actully, I'm just showing a transition page in episode 7 of the independent art series.

Horror Art Neonvagabond blog featured

Horror Art | Episode 6 | Independent Art Series

What's your fav horror art? Paintings movies, TV shows, anything. Leave a comment or send a message. Episode 6 of the Independent Art Series.

Influences | Episode 5 | Independent Art Series

We interrupt the Independent Art Series to talk about influences from art and music during an unbearable heatwave. Several artists named.

Episode 4 Independent Art Mistake featured image

Mistake | Episode 4 | Independent Art Series

How I grow and improve as a visual artist. Admit your mistake and learn how to fix it the digital way. Episode 4, Independent Art Series.

indie art ep 3 texture featured

Texture | Episode 3 | Independent Art Series | Lily Blaze| Neon Vagabond

Indepenent Series, episode 3, all about how I choose and design texture in the art. A step by step illustrated example using Photoshop only.

cottonseeds 3 header spooky forest layout

Layout | Episode 2 | Independent Art Blog Series

Layouts are a confusing and there are too many possibilities. Learn how I choose the best layout for myindependent art project.

Independent art series Lily featured image

So You Want to be an Independent Artist? Episode 1

Do you have your coffee/tea/fav alcohol/whatever nearby? Good. You're ready for the 1st episode in the Independent Art series.

City Rat NV blog writing

How I Started Writing | From Artist to Author

I had a bad week. No, wait, let me start at the beginning. A very dark beginning. It was 2002. I was working two jobs, and started writing...

Cottonseeds Countdown page 16

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 16 | Clothing & Subtitles

Next episode in the Cottonseeds Countdown, Page 16! Useful tricks and necessary evils I've found while creating the issue.

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 8

Cottonseeds Countdown | Page 8

All about how I overcame depth perception in order to finalize an art page full of sudden changes in the depth perception despite disability.

Cottonseeds countdown 5

Cottonseeds #2 Countdown | Page 5

The Cottonseeds Countdown continues with my big adventure with a detailed fight scene. Lights, camera.... action? I got it.

Cottonseeds countdown 4 graphic novel

Cottonseeds #2 Countdown | Comic or Graphic Novel? | Page 4

Graphic novel. Read a series of funny commentaries about the comic or graphic novel creative process. Idea, art, and more.

tattoo featured image lily blog

The Inking Process: Tattoo, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Art

Lessons learned along the journey for tattoo, graphic novel, and comic art. Includes a description of the creative process and what not to do