The Ash Garden Memory One

“If you remember the 60’s you weren’t there.” – Robin Williams (A few others have been credited with the quote, but no one seems to remember who said it first. I guess they were all from the 60’s).

I don’t remember the 60’s because I wasn’t born yet. However, as I work on self-editing The Ash Garden, I’m consistently held back by memory flashbacks. They’re not bad, most are rather funny. This is the disadvantage of writing a story that’s based on my own experiences. Again, the flashbacks aren’t bad, but they do cause me to pause a lot and say to myself, “Oh, yeah, I remember when that happened.” And then I have to mentally force myself to get back into the frame of mind for the story. You know, the zone

So I decided to share the memories that readers will recognize in The Ash Garden whenever it’s published.

Years and years ago, I was hanging out with friends. One guy, a friend of a friend, was also a drug dealer. We were all stoned AF. So me being stoned, I asked him, “How did you become a drug dealer?” I thought it was an ordinary question at the time, just making conversation.

He gave me a weird look and replied, “I kinda fell into it.”

We all laughed hysterically. You fell into it? What happened? Did you trip over a baggie of weed? How does that work? We couldn’t stop laughing.

The drug dealer’s reply is used in Chapter 3 of The Ash Garden. Every time I think about that one line “I kinda fell into it” I laugh and laugh. It’s still the funniest thing to me.

I guess you had to be there. I’ll post more memories as I think of them.

I’ve been also thinking about the cover preview for The Ash Garden. I like the concept, but it still feels empty to me. So I’ve been thinking about incorporating the apple tree illustration that will be in Chapter 3.

Apple Tree Stage - The Ash Garden, chapter 3

Something like using the thorny vines I designed around the stage for the apple tree. It makes sense in my head.

Here’s a quote that will before the apple tree image, just to give you a bit of context.

“Go ahead and dance around the apple tree, maybe it will drop a clue or two.” – The Ash Garden, Chapter 3

Funny how I can explain parts of the writing process, but damned if I can explain the art process.