Lily Dark Art Gallery

Welcome to the Lily Dark Art Gallery! What would do you want to see first?

Lily Dark Fine Art Gallery

Media used: Water color, pencil, pencil crayon, prisma crayon, tempera paint, ink, Photoshop, Illustrator

Lily Dark Pin Up Art Gallery

All Pin Up are digital creations designed in Photoshop.

Stories Behind the Lily Dark Art

Some of the art pieces don’t have stories, but some of them do have stories. Read on to get a slice of Lily’s creativity.

Stripped – What would it look like if an apocalypse happened on an alien planet? All the rules would be different. Sci-fi inspired.

Pale Woman – National geographic magazine have the most inspirational photographs, This piece is inspired by a European cathedral, with an imagined ghost woman sitting on the ledge. Fetish magazines have the second most inspirational photography.

Confession Tree – This started as  quick sketch with a mechanical pencil on a small pad of paper while riding a crowded metro. It all went from there.

Lizardry – The same European cathedral as Pale Woman, but this time with a lizard. With a red eye. Because I could

Cell – Part of and the last one in an experimental series using a maximum of 3 Prisma crayon colors.

Abstract – Amazing things happen when you listen to Skinny Puppy non-stop. Highly recommended.

Mermaid – A digital experiment just to see if a mermaid could look like a whale’s tale. I think it does, I lost the scanned pencil sketch for this piece years ago.

Pin Up Art – I had big plans to start an online T-shirt shop, but that plan backfired, long story short. I still have all pin ups on file, so I added them to the gallery,

Do you need more of Lily Dark art? Browse the Cottonseeds downloads.

Recommended Artists and Influences to Check Out

Aubrey Beardsley – Late British Illustrator

H.R. Giger – Artist and inventor of Aliens

Dave McKean – Graphic artist and much more