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Bullets don't work. Secret burn. The hardest choice. Find the real killer or set a monster free?

Psychedelic illustrated novel. An abstract painter follows a self-destructive path in metropolitan Canada and must remember herself through nightmarish mystical beings or initiate her own demise. Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

The Vault, a collection of fiction. Get a taste of Lily's style with this free download. Enjoy elements of dark fantasy and thriller. Contents: Misunderstood Late Understated Sand Crystal Death is…

Cottonseeds: Killer and the Eternal Child: the#1: When a paralegal in Tennessee meets an infamous killer, he's thrown into a supernatural world where real justice isn't obvious. [aio_button align="none" animation="pulse"…

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Graphic designer, author, artist. Find out more on the Neon Vagabond Blog.

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