Where’s Lily?

Hi, I’m Lily, but you knew that.

So here I am, looking around the world wide web in 2018, updating my site (again) and seeing a different world. The net has changed a lot since I started using it in the 90s. Yes, that’s the 1990s. A lot of amazing changes. A lot of not so great changes. And I’m still here, in my corner of the web, spinning tales and creating art. Because I can.

I’m also tired. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Hear me out.

I don’t want to write a bio. I refuse to add an ‘about’ widget to my site. I don’t care about perfect SEO or the most popular ‘how to market yourself’ article. It’s not about me. It’s not about you, either. It’s about the art. I am the art, and so are you by joining my creative world. I give you the warmest welcome. Glad you’re here.

Let’s talk about art.

That’s me in 2009, around the time I made the commitment to a real website instead of depending on Google Blogger to carry me along. (WordPress wasn’t that advanced yet).

Lily Author Photo 2009

The photographer made me do it.

I had big plans back then, and I still do. Truth be told, I’ve only scanned and added about 20 – 30% of art or stories to my website. I share with the world what I hope is my best/creepiest/funniest stuff. Could I create better art or write better stories? Always. Art never dies.

And over here is me in 2011, wearing my Halloween costume that year. I call it Spider Baby. No one got the reference to the classic black and white film. Of course. Regardless, it’s still one of my favourite costumes.

Lily Halloween 2016

That’s not a radioactive spider. Or is it?

Did I mention I love Halloween? I mean, I love Halloween. Did I also mention I’m Canadian, use Canadian spellings, and I have a dry Canadian sense of humour? You already knew all of that? Moving on to 2017…

For 2017 Halloween I wanted to do something completely different. I’ve always gone for horror and blood-drenched costumes (which I love), but this time, for the first time, I wanted to try the opposite. So I present to you Lily the Silent Film Star.

Lily Silent Film Star

Simply smashing, darling.

And there’s always next year…